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About Changchun

Changchun is the capital city of Jilin Province in northeast of China and one of the 15 sub-provincial cities assigned by the State Council. The total area covers20,604 square kilometers with a metropolitan area of 4,789 square kilometers which include six administrative districts, three cities, and one country. Its population is 7.76millin of which 3.5 million live in the metropolitan area.

Changchun is one of four major garden cities in China and is known as the "North Spring City", it had built green coverage rate of 41.5% till 2015, per capita park green area of 11.6 square meters. Changchun has a profound modern city heritage and many Liao Jin 、the Qing Dynasty、 the Republic of China、 Puppet Manchuria and other historical buildings of different periods.

Changchun is largest automobile industry city (FAW Group) in China, is the cradle of China's automobile industry, optoelectronic technology, biotechnology, applied chemistry. CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles CO.,LTD is the largest rail passenger car R & D, manufacturing, maintenance and export base, it is also the cradle of Chinese subway,Electric Multiple Units.

Changchun is a famous automobile city, movie city (Changchun film studio), forest City, sculpture city, science and education city (the country's largest comprehensive university - Jilin University, the level of education in the forefront of the country) and green food city. It won continuous eight times reelection "China's most happy city", and has access to the National Civilized City, the National Health city and other honorary titles. In February 2016 the State Council approved the establishment of a national new district Changchun New District.

If you want to know more about Changchun, please visit : http://en.changchun.gov.cn
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